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Novogene’s first decade is the story of the rapid development of genetic technology. Always at the forefront of R&D in life sciences and biomedicine, our focus on developing technologies that deliver efficiency through innovation has created new opportunities for our industry.

Our first decade is the story of working in collaboration with our customers and partners to advance an ever-changing industry. Our global team serve over 4,000 clients in 70 countries across six continents. We always meet the highest scientific standards and deliver exceptional customer service.

We take our role as an industry leader seriously and we only promise what we can deliver. Novogene is your trusted partner in genomics.

Novogene 10th Anniversary Videos

Novogene Story: Our Growth in 10 Years

Novogene Character: Get it Right, Make it Better

Novogene's 10th Anniversary Party

HTML5 Game for Novogene's 10-year Birthday

Join our HTML 5 Game to celebrate the birthday event with Novogene Global! Scan the QR code by your mobile scanner to play the HTML5 Game! Or copy the link: and paste your phone browser to get into the Novogene World of Genomics.

In our HTML 5, you can get a sip of the process of next-generation sequencing with fun. We will also lead you a quick tour of how Novogene has developed over the past 10 years. By choosing the scientific field of your interest, you can get a pretty cute poster with your selfie. Share the poster and the HTML 5 Game to your social media and invite more friends to join us.